Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Portent Alliance Is Recruiting!

Does this sound like you?

Is schadenfreude your middle name? When I say I have incontrovertible proof that Kil'jaeden has a fetish for draconic bukkake, do you want to know more?  Do you subscribe to the radical notion that your guildmates and raid teammates are people as opposed to little blinky boxes in Grid?  Then Portent Alliance (Sentinels-H) may have a straitjacket with your name on it.

PA is a level 23 guild, currently looking for dedicated players to fill out an "upper-mediumcore" raiding team.  We raid from 8:30 - 11:30 Eastern on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with old-world mount/achievement/legendary/RP gear farming on Saturdays.  Loot is distributed by EP/GP.  We're 12/12 in normal-mode Tier 11, and the third ranked progression guild on our server.  Currently running one 10-man raid, but we're looking to fill out the ranks enough to run two 10-mans, then move up into 25s.

Our schedule is relaxed, but our attitude is not.  We need people who can commit to raiding, show up on time, be prepared, know the fights, know their class, and be ready to rock a boss's face off.

We're in particular need of raid healers, especially druids, but any class and role is welcome -- we're just in general need of raiders.  Any other questions or requests for information can be directed at our guild leader, Ktok, on Twitter or on his blog, The Glaivecow.


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