Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Portent Alliance Is Recruiting!

Does this sound like you?

Is schadenfreude your middle name? When I say I have incontrovertible proof that Kil'jaeden has a fetish for draconic bukkake, do you want to know more?  Do you subscribe to the radical notion that your guildmates and raid teammates are people as opposed to little blinky boxes in Grid?  Then Portent Alliance (Sentinels-H) may have a straitjacket with your name on it.

PA is a level 23 guild, currently looking for dedicated players to fill out an "upper-mediumcore" raiding team.  We raid from 8:30 - 11:30 Eastern on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with old-world mount/achievement/legendary/RP gear farming on Saturdays.  Loot is distributed by EP/GP.  We're 12/12 in normal-mode Tier 11, and the third ranked progression guild on our server.  Currently running one 10-man raid, but we're looking to fill out the ranks enough to run two 10-mans, then move up into 25s.

Our schedule is relaxed, but our attitude is not.  We need people who can commit to raiding, show up on time, be prepared, know the fights, know their class, and be ready to rock a boss's face off.

We're in particular need of raid healers, especially druids, but any class and role is welcome -- we're just in general need of raiders.  Any other questions or requests for information can be directed at our guild leader, Ktok, on Twitter or on his blog, The Glaivecow.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

20 Days of WoW, Day 2: Why A Blog?

Why did you start a blog?

Because Rilgon told me to.

Actually because Rilgon, Pike, probably Brigwyn and Ava and countless other people all told me to.  I was friends with a ton of WoW bloggers on Twitter already, and I kicked around the idea of starting a blog, mostly because all of my friends had them and I wanted one too.  I hesitated because I know how bad I am at following through on stuff, and because my biggest roadblock in any writing project has always been a lack of ideas -- I'm much better at the act of putting words together than I am at coming up with anything to day.  But it's fun, they said; we'll keep you going, they said; anyone can blog, they said; all points of view are valid, from the deep thoughts to the fluffy trivial things, they said.

So I started the blog, and promptly quit updating it ever.  Told you so.  :P

But hopefully this meme thing here will help me get going.  And there's also going to be a semi-more-important post coming immediately after this, so keep your eyes open, especially if you're looking for a raiding home.

Monday, April 4, 2011

20 Days of WoW Blogging! Day 1.

A wild Jezriyah appears!

Yeah, so there's new meme floating about -- the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.  For those of you who haven't noticed, I am in fact an incredibly sporadic and generally poor blogger, mainly for lack of any idea what to write about.  Much easier to just yell things at Twitter as they come to mind than actually try to create a coherent train of thought. So a challenge that actually hand-feeds me 20 days worth of things to post about may help to get me in the groove enough to blog on my own.

Or it may not, and I'll vanish again 20 days from now.  Who knows.

Anyway, the day 1 challenge: Introduce Yourself!  Which I may or may not have even properly done when I started this thing.

My name, for all you Internet creepers need to know, is Jezi.  (I do not actually think all people on the Internet are creepers; I just have a very uncommon first name that I try not to throw around.)  I live with my two unbelievably incredible parents in a painfully stereotypical Wonderbread suburb in the deep South.  I'm 25 and have a marketing degree that I'm currently making zero use of because lol, economy.  I'm currently working as a temp, trying to make enough money to pay off the last two BlizzCons still on my credit card in time to put next BlizzCon on it while also keeping my WoW account up.  Next spring, I hope to go back to school and get my master's degree in accounting, so I can do spreadsheets at stuff for a living instead of just for fun.

In game, I have several characters I hop around, but my raiding main and identity is Jezriyah, a troll hunter (currently Survival) of Portent Alliance.  She's actually my very first WoW toon ever -- the one I first created on my trial account.  She's changed a bit since then; I basically created her because trolls were the prettiest Horde race that I could make since a trial couldn't make Blood Elves.  By the time I got her into about the 60s, I'd fallen completely in love with the troll race and was completely ashamed of how cutesy I'd made her.  As soon as the barber shop went in, she got some big honkin' tusks and a mohawk, and aside from a few dreadlock phases, she hasn't looked back.  My current main alt project is a shadow/disc priest who's currently bubblequeueing her way through Outland.

I am a raider, in the upper end of mediumcore.  We have three raid nights a week; we were the third and so far last guild on our (admittedly not super-progressed) server to kill Nefarian, second Hordeside behind the server's progression juggernaut.  The guild is currently struggling a bit, with several of us (myself included) being very dedicated raiders, who study strats, know the hows and whys of our class rotations, and are able to give and take criticism without being hurtful.  And several of us... um, aren't.  So things aren't perfect.  But we're a super close, tight-knit guild, and I'd rather run imperfect raids with some of my best friends in the world than be a few fights more progressed with people I don't love as much.

So that's about where I stand right now.  Tomorrow will be why I decided to start a blog, which will be an incredibly short post.