Tuesday, April 5, 2011

20 Days of WoW, Day 2: Why A Blog?

Why did you start a blog?

Because Rilgon told me to.

Actually because Rilgon, Pike, probably Brigwyn and Ava and countless other people all told me to.  I was friends with a ton of WoW bloggers on Twitter already, and I kicked around the idea of starting a blog, mostly because all of my friends had them and I wanted one too.  I hesitated because I know how bad I am at following through on stuff, and because my biggest roadblock in any writing project has always been a lack of ideas -- I'm much better at the act of putting words together than I am at coming up with anything to day.  But it's fun, they said; we'll keep you going, they said; anyone can blog, they said; all points of view are valid, from the deep thoughts to the fluffy trivial things, they said.

So I started the blog, and promptly quit updating it ever.  Told you so.  :P

But hopefully this meme thing here will help me get going.  And there's also going to be a semi-more-important post coming immediately after this, so keep your eyes open, especially if you're looking for a raiding home.

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