Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Valley of Trials

Alright, I'm posting here because I'm tired of looking at a blank ass blog when I go to play with my layout.

I am Jezriyah of Sentinels-US. Troll hunter. Beast Mastery from level 10 through Naxx10; just respecced Marksmanship because of some Malygos difficulties and loving it, though I'll probably put my BM build on dual spec once those are implemented.

I'm in a loving family guild full of awesome people, most of whom are some of my best friends. We also happen to be one of the top ten-man raiding guilds on our server (if not the top), and we'll be edging into 25-man content as soon as we expand our numbers a little. I thoroughly enjoy proving that you don't have to be a bunch of gear-minded number-crunching arrogant douchetards who throw someone under the bus for lacking a talent point or piece of gear in order to raid effectively. (I realize not all "hardcore" raiding guilds are like this; however, I've met an awful lot that are, and I'm proud to not be in one.)

So a question for those of you that stumble across here... what would you like to see in yet another WoW blog? I'll probably chat some huntery stuff, as well as a good bit of lore; I'm Horde biased but I can appreciate the heroes and villains on both sides. I tend more towards snark and goofiness than anything else. Input would be appreciated.