Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Her Own Words: A Brief Interlude with Ms. Sparkshard

Of every single reagent on this planet that this stupid human could need for this stupid explosive for this stupid Venture Company setup. Urgh.

Westfall. Westfall! I've yet to hear a convincing argument from anybody as to why Westfall even exists. The most miserable patch of dirt, and more dirt, and corn, and dirt, ever to -- and there's a freaking dust devil and I kill the thing and it doesn't have any of this stuff he needs.

Collin, I told him, dear esteemed colleague of mine, I swear to you, I will go march through the Dark Portal right now and bring you back the tusks of a Fel Orc if it means not chasing dust devils through Westfall. All I'm saying is there have been generations upon generations of quel'dorei and gnomish mages who've completely ignored the existence of this place and I'm sure one of them somewhere could figure out how to blow something up at a large range.

And I can't even find any more of the forsaken things. Ten more minutes, Collin, and then the goblins can have Stonetalon.

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Tracey said...

Oh! I've MISSED Jez! Seriously -- her very first 'own words' story is the heart of why I like trolls. She brought to life something that just seemed...flat. Happy to see a hint of life from her again. :)